FPGA Programmable Digital Musical Instruments

"sigboost" is a programmable digital musical instrument. You can design your own music synthesizer or effector units using "Cycling'74 Max", and you will get hardware synthesizer or effector units instantly using our "sigboost HLS".

"sigboost HLS" converts from "Cycling'74 Max" source code to HDL (sourcecode of circuit description) , and synthesis RTL and implemetation to FPGA automatically. The synthesizer or effector units that your designed, works as circuit completely so that works with hi-performance and low-latency.


Programmable MIDI/CV Controller & Effects Unit

midiglue is a control box that can interconvert between MIDI, USB-MIDI, CV/GATE. It also acts as a MIDI effects unit, a sequencer, and an instrumental performance supporter. Plus, it also comes with a preset editor which can extend the pre-existing presets into your own desired MIDI effects.

Specialty / Business areas


Custom code generation technology makes it easy for customers to customize their functions


By compiling and automating the build flow, development is possible in a short period of time

Real Time Acceleration

We will make efficient system acceleration faster by specialized understanding of software and hardware architecture, including FPGA.

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Company Profile

Corporate Name
sigboost, Inc. / sigboost株式会社
Description of Business
Manufacture and sale of digital musical instruments
July 2015
February 2018
500,000 yen
Corporate Headquarter
3-10-19, Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director
Kai Aoki